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Drool Worthy Food That Your Guests Will Be Raving About!

You have probably seen your fair share of menus today... but I promise you haven't seen anything like these. I would love nothing more than to cook your guests... food combinations that will have them drooling for days. I apologise in advance if this is going to cause a problem.


These are just a sample of some of the menus created, but ideally, I would love to create something unique and special to you and your event.  But by all means, take a peek at the food that's made people say WOW!

Burgers on a Crate

Fusion Mexican Tapas

Hummus Plate

Middle Eastern Feast

Food Plate

Personality Matched Menu


Have a menu created to perfectly match your loved one. Together I listen to the story of the person you love and create a menu that celebrates their life journey. It is an experience your guests won’t forget. Each course is served by your own private chef they will tell a unique story about the guests of honor and the why the food has been selected to match.

Sample Menu
Ryan and Kate's Life through food anniversary dinner


One: They Met at a Party

Rose, pear and pomegranate salad (a party in your mouth)

with a red wine caramelised goats cheese tart;

(Kate's English charm and beautiful sweet nature)

Matched With: Writers tears Irish whiskey


Two:  The Best First Date

Seared sea scallops with a whiskey butter;

Ryans love of the ocean 

Matched With: Arbelour 16


Three: The Big Move

Cucumber, gin and lemon sorbet;

Ryan moves from England to Australia.

Matched With An Australian Botanical Gin


Four: The Love Move

Salt and pepper Jamaican jerk chicken;

Kate comes to Australia and falls in love with our Asian food.... and Ryan.

Matched With:  Tomatin sherry cask


Five:  The Big Day

Slow-cooked pork belly, parsnip puree, and carrots.

Kate and Ryan get married in a beautiful English country wedding.

Matched With: Laphroaig lore


Six: The Family

Treacle pudding, pavlova, marshmallow ice cream, coffee

chocolate truffle and an apple crumble crumb;

each dessert represents their cheeky kids and their favorite childhood dessert.

Matched With:  Bunnahabin 12


Mexican tasting table.jpg


Get Started on Your Menu..

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